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Not long time ago, medical uniforms and scrubs were only white in color. They are still worn by medical students and lab assistance, but the trend is changing and medical & nursing uniforms are redefining very rapidly. Colors and designs are changing in medical scrubs and uniforms. Grand uniforms Dubai also offer medical uniform which are affordable and beneficial as well. Most of the hospitals are now changing that white color medical coat with colorful medical scrubs and latest designs.
There are different types of colorful scrubs worn by medical staff. These colors depend on the working profile of medical staff. Pediatricians used to wear colorful uniforms as they have to interact with children most of the time and kids loved colorful things. Apart from it, medical uniform color also used to identify the ward where medical professional are working. Like. Most of the surgical ward staff wears green scrubs and nurses in white medical scrubs. Blue color worn by midwives and red belongs to surgical assistance.
Grand uniforms Dubai make sure that medical uniforms must have all the required medical accessories as well. Most nurse uniform scrub used to wear watch, so we make sure that our medical nurse uniform must have a breast pocket to keep the watch attached. Medical doctor have to keep their stethoscopes with them all the time, so we make sure that they have stronger collars to held stethoscopes.
Grand Uniforms Dubai knows the kind of dress codes, fabrics and designs of medical uniforms required by clients and at the same time convey professionalism. We also make sure that we use kind of fabric in healthcare uniforms to prevent the spread of infection.

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